Fragrance Families

Our hope is that sharing the following information will help you understand what style of fragrance you like and where it fits in the world of perfume. This will help you navigate your way through the fragrances of Glasshouse.

Each of our fragrances are classified into one of five categories - Floral, Fresh, Gourmand, Oriental and Woody.

Which category do you belong in?

At Glasshouse Fragrances, we're all about the scent of escapism. We put on our white lab coat to craft the most elegant fragrances and make the world a better smelling place. We have the technical mastery to customise wicks, create Triple Scented candles and craft elegant fragrance elements ingeniously compatible with wax. We va-va-voom around the world to find ingredients of the highest quality – then rigorously test them.

But what does it mean to be Triple Scented? Here's a breakdown of our fragrance descriptions:

Top notes: Also referred to as head notes, these are the scents that are perceived immediately when experiencing the fragrance. When buying a perfume, wait a few minutes before forming an opinion, because the top notes will soon be gone and it is the middle and base notes that you are going to live with.

Middle notes: Also called the heart notes, this is the scent that emerges just prior to the top notes evaporating. The middle notes are the body or support of the fragrance, but together with the base notes form the theme of the fragrance.

Base notes: Base notes are the foundation of the entire fragrance. They are typically rich and "deep" and are usually not perceived until 30 minutes after applying the perfume. The exception is in scented candles where the heat from the flame forces top, middle and base notes to reveal themselves simultaneously.